• Beyond Tracking in mocha Pro

Beyond Tracking : In-depth & In-Action with mocha Pro

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Beyond Tracking in mocha Pro : In-depth and In Action


Like mocha Pro itself, this course builds on the Imagineer’s industry-leading planar tracking software.  Leverage those skills to speed up often arduous VFX and compositing jobs directly within mocha Pro, such as object removal, product replacements and even stabilizing a shot without having to lose quality by upscaling.

Not about the buttons – all about the techniques

The tutorials go in-depth, not just into the interface or features, but how you analyse your shots before you even start, to get the best results.  Even with difficult to track footage that would be impossible to track with standard point trackers.  Tracking is fundamental to VFX work, but even the best tracking data is worthless if you can’t use it correctly.

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SEVEN HOURS of mocha Pro Training Available in 1080P HD Video for Instant Download

Never miss a trick.  All the tutorials are presented in fully edited 1080P HD, to give you the clearest view of the project, without waiting for render bars or complex exports to process.  You want to see the techniques to use, not 10 minutes of someone refinining a rotospline.  There is no filler here just practical tips, such as removing lens flare, why and when to calibrate your lens and how to enhance your footage to get the best results, without leaving mocha Pro.

Here are the exercises:


  • 01. Introduction and User Interface (35:42)
  • 02A. Introduction to the Planar Tracker (35:45)
  • 02B. Further Planar Tracker (18:33)
  • 03. Track Mattes & Tracking Perspective (20:22)
  • 04. Diffcult Tracks & Adjust Track (50:38)
  • 05. Using the Tracking Data (19:55)
  • 06. Correcting Distortion : Lens Module (23:34)
  • 07. Clip Module & Improving Tracking (12:15)
  • 08. Stabilize Module & Improving Render Quality in Final Cut Pro (31:50)
  • 09. Advanced Stabilization (18.01)
  • 10A. Introducing the Remove Module (26:57)
  • 10B. Further Remove – Using Cleanplates (19:27)
  • 11. Advanced Remove – Problem Planes (22:26)
  • 12A. Insert Module & Using the Warp (19:11)
  • 12B. Insert Module and Complex Tracking (36:14)
  • 13. Troubleshooting and Round-up (20:59)


Learn the Simple Workflow Techniques that Enhance Accuracy, Quality & Speed

Beyond Tracking in mocha Pro obviously focuses mainly on mocha Pro.  We do take brief intervals out to companion applications, such as Nuke, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Motion.  Footage and projects (where appropriate) and you are encouraged to use the media and disect the finished projects, to hone you own skills.  Some projects may not open in applications prior to the latest version.

This course is given by Ben Brownlee, a VFX artist with over 13 years of experience in the industry.  He has worked on commercials, broadcast and feature films and has given training to leading broadcasters across the world.  He has also been working with Imagineer Systems mocha since its release, and has previously designed courses covering tracking and rotoscoping.

This training is designed for people with some knowledge of effects work.  The first part of the course contains all the information you need to get started if you’ve never worked with mocha Pro before, and still has enough meat for those that have.

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Just Like Being in the Room

All recordings are made at full HD, 1920×1080 resolution, so you get the clearest, sharpest view of the action.  Coupled with that, the vast majority of the included sample shots are also 1080P.  Inobtrusive highlights guide you to the important areas of the screen, so you never lose track of the presenter’s mouse.

So What Do You Get?

  • Apart from the sixteen tutorials, you’ll also get the video material to work along with.  Check out the course outline to see exactly what files are included.
  • All the mocha Pro, Nuke, AE & Final Cut project files are included where appropriate.  So if you get lost, you can work backwards and dissect where you went wrong.
  • Access to email support.  That’s right.  If you have a question about an exercise after completing our course, send over a mail and we’ll get right back to you.