• mocha Projects – Real-world Solutions

mocha Projects : Real-world Solutions with Imagineer Systems mocha Pro

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mocha Projects – Real-world Solutions with Imagineer Systems mocha

mocha_projects_boxshot_2 Then we kick it up for more complicated shots.

  • See the planning that goes in to deciding what to track
  • Use the unique qualities of the planar tracker to create “impossible” tracks
  • Make complex tracks simple, with track mattes
  • How the Curve Editor stops tedious keyframing work
  • Create complex track mattes and roto shapes in a fraction of the time
  • Learn the mantra “Track Once. Use Often”


A New Concept in mocha Training

mocha’s target application flexibility is a huge feature.  At Curious Turtle, we have tried to replicate that by creating a modular training course.  The core six-hour mocha course is demonstrates how to get the tracking, roto shape and supplemental elements ready.  We can then finish in a number of other applications.

This is the Adobe After Effects module.  Offering almost 3 hours of additional training, as we take the mocha results and complete our shots in After Effects.


Problem Solving not Button Pushing

Problems arise with every shot – finding the solution is normally more than figuring out which single button fixes it.  This course does not use ideal demo footage, but real-world examples.  Presenter, Ben Brownlee will walk you through the shots, encountering the same type of issues you face with your footage.

mocha_projects_screenshot-1course-outlineA quick list of the projects is:

  • Project 00 : Introduction and UI
  • Project 01a : Prefs and the First Track
  • Project 01b : Multiple Tracks
  • Project 02a : Stabilization – AdjustTrack
  • Project 02b : Further Stabilization
  • Project 03 : Extreme Rotation
  • Project 04 : Tracking Everywhere
  • Project 05 : Set Extensions
  • Project 06  : Object Removal
  • Project 07 : Forever Sunset
  • Project 08a : Roto Masterclass 1
  • Project 08b : Human Roto
  • Project 08c : Roto Masterclass 3


Click here for a full course overview

Perfect for mocha, mocha Pro & mocha AE

  • All videos are compressed to 1080P HD H264 format, to give you the clearest view of the screen possible.
  • Each project comes with the final application projects, so you can easily pick the project apart.
  • Watermarked footage is provided.  Unwatermarked versions are available from Videoblocks.com
  • Stuck on a problem?  Use the free course email and we’ll help you out.