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DaVinci Resolve for Apple Color Users

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DaVinci Resolve for Apple Color Users



“I designed the course I wish I had when I started”

Ben Brownlee, author of Creative Color Grading for Apple Color, presents these tutorials. The focus is on practical tips to get you working quickly and in the right way. You start with system configuration and the best ways to import projects from your NLE. Naturally, the majority of the course is spent in the grading area, where you explore the power and flexibility of Resolve’s nodal interface.

In addition to the core color tools, you will see how to create complex secondary corrections in the most straightforward and time efficient way. Outputting is handled both directly with Resolve or through an XML/AAF workflow, which maintains total flexibility between the edit and the grade.


Not Just For Apple Color Users – Great for All Newcomers to Resolve

The main focus is for users transitioning from Apple Color, but this is absolutely suitable for any new user coming to DaVinci Resolve from other color grading tools.

  • Introduction
  • System Configuration
  • Conforming the Timeline
  • Primary Correction
  • Curves and Matching Shots
  • Nodes and Qualifiers
  • Windows and Complex Mattes
  • External Mattes and Mixer Nodes
  • Dynamis and Motion Tracking
  • Versions and Galleries
  • Output and Roundtripping
  • Blur and Wrap-up
  • Bonus 1 – RGB Mixer
  • CourseOutline1Bonus 2 – Day for Night
  • V9 Interface
  • V9 Overview
  • V9 Delivery

See the full PDF Course Outline here.

What Do You Get?

  • Five hours of pin-sharp video training in Full 1080P HD
  • Exercise and projects files (excluding bonus chapters)
  • Free course updates – additional classses will be made available to all registered users
  • Course email – If you have a question about the course, send us a mail