Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color Vol. 2

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Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color Vol. 2

Film Wash for Apple Color coverFilm Wash Color Effects Vol. 2 is a set of presets for Apple Color, utilising the Color FX room to give your footage a great, fully-customisable graded look. The package includes 55 unique effects, split over three distinct categories: Tone Wash, XPro and Black & White Wash.

As this product only uses the Color FX room, it keeps the rest of your grade completely unaffected.  Simply balance your clips as you would do normally, then add the rinse of Film Wash over the top. All the Washes remain customisable, making it a snap to dial in your perfect color grade.


Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color

Completely Source Independent
Run any clip resolution through Film Wash and you’ll be amazed with the results. Regardless of the source, Film Wash will give you stunning and different looks. You can even put your animations & graphics through a quick rinse cycle, and they’ll come up smelling fresher than newly cut grass.*

Simple. Tested. Effective.
You get 55 presets and video tutorials that show you how to make best use of your Film Wash and a couple of tricks for you to use in Apple Color. Check out the tutorials in our Free Video Tutorials section, and get a glimpse of the power.

*Virtual grass smell still not guaranteed