Film Wash Color Effects for DaVinci Resolve – Volume 5

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fw5-davinci-resolve-DVD001Color grading is the secret to getting a high-quality filmic look.  It can be used to generate different emotions, simulate different times of day or eras of film.  DaVinci Resolve lets you do all these things with great precision.

Film Wash Color Effects makes this process elegantly simple – choose from a variety of film stocks, different stylistic color treatments and cross-processing effects.  Add them as Powergrades and quickly get the look and warmth of classic film stocks without any fuss.

Format and resolution independent – Cut it, Balance it and Wash it!

Whatever you shoot on, Film Wash can help to give that final polish.  If DaVinci Resolve can work with it, you can Wash it.  The standard workflow is: Shoot it, cut it, balance it and Wash it!  All these effects have been used in commercial productions – so we know they work and make a difference to client satisfaction.



Over 45 new Powergrades – Compatible with DaVinci Resolve & Resolve Lite

All these can easily be mixed stronger or weaker to match the needs of your project and your footage.  The real power of Film Wash comes when you start mixing the different effects together to create truly unique, incredibly complex looks – all with a few clicks.  32-bit Floating Point calculation means you can easily mix Looks together without fear of permanently clipping black or white levels.


Add your Film Stock first, then get creative with cross-color and cross-process effects

See how to quickly build up the effect.


Breathe Life into Your Films

Even seasoned Resolve users get the benefit of Film Wash. As budgets continue to tighten, mixing up a custom Film Wash offers a quick way to finish your project. Or it gives you and your client some inspiration in the final style.

What You Get

  • Forty five Film Wash Color Effects as DaVinci Resolve Powergrades (.drx plus .jpg)
  • Twenty five minutes of advanced Resolve video tutorials (H264 1080P video)
  • Written documentation