Film Wash Color Effects for After Effects – Volume 1

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Film Wash Color Effects for After Effects

fwaa-box-3Curious Turtle is happy to announce the release of Film Wash for After Effects.  An essential step in making your video look like film.

Film Wash Color Effects is a set of presets for After Effects 6.5 and above (including After Effects CC) to give your video footage a great, fully-customisable graded look.  Unlike other color correction presets, we take you beyond simple primary color correction and into full color grading, without the need to fight through all the great filters available in After Effects.

Compatible with After Effects CC

Simply balance your clips as you would do normally, then add the rinse of Film Wash over the top.  You can easily blend Washes together to create even more variations.

fwaa-box-1Completely Source Independent
Run even DV or HDV clips through Film Wash and you’ll be amazed with the results.  Regardless of the source, Film Wash will give you stunning and different looks.  You can even put your animations & graphics through a quick rinse cycle, and they’ll come up smelling fresher than newly cut grass.*

Simple.  Tested.  Effective.
In addition to over 30 presets, you’ll get grain clips, bonus utility filters and video tutorials that show you how to make best use of your Film Wash.  Check out the tutorials in our Free Video Tutorials section, and get a glimpse of the power.