Film Wash Color Effects for After Effects – Volume 4

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Film Wash Color Effects for After Effects – Volume 4

film-wash-ae-4_DVD-010Color grading is the final touch you give to your footage, and it can completely transform the look and emotional impact of your video.  We like to think of it as the final loving kiss for your projects.  Film Wash Color Effects is a set of filters designed with one purpose – to take your footage from the ordinary to the unique.  We’re not talking about regular, simple color correction presets  – Film Wash works to give the video a deep, textured rinse and keeps you in control.

Ready to Go – A Source of Inspiration or One-click Wonders

All the Film Wash looks are ready to use, straight out of the box.  We know that not all footage reacts in the same way to a color grade, so everything is still fully customisable. Using only a few sliders, you can make the most common adjustments in seconds.

Over 70 new color effects – Compatible with After Effects V6.5+ including Creative Cloud

Film Wash Color Effects for After Effects are battle ready and are proven to work in the real world.  Create stunning effects, even if you are not on the latest version of After Effects.  Easily mix Looks together to create extra depth to your picture with infinite possibilities.


Balance – Film Wash – Done

Film Wash works great to create a consistent look.  All you have to do is get your primary balance right.  When you do it is up to you.  Start with a Film Wash to get a bit of inspiration, then tweak clips as you need to.  It’s easy to balance your footage, then use the Film Wash to kick it to the next level.

If you’re happy using your normal color correction tools that’s great.  The nature of Film Wash means it acts as a perfect supplement to your current tools.  That’s how we use it for commercial projects!

All the Film Wash grades have been used across various projects – clients are amazed at how quickly their footage stops looking like video and takes on a different mood and character.  Whether you work in DV, SD or HD you can always use a good Film Wash. Also works perfectly for DSLR footage.


What Do You Get?

film-wash-ae-4_DVD-Front-and-backFilm Wash Color Effects for After Effects Vol. 4 consists of 73 customizable Animation Presets for color toning.  These are placed into five categories for easy searching.  These are X-Pro, X-Color, X-Balance, Film Stock Homage & Expired Film.  You get all effects as both 32-bit and 16-bit compatible versions.

All effects are multi-processor capable – so spend more time creating and less rendering.

In addition to this you get:

  • Nine Vignette Styles – Use them as a part of the overall look, or quickly animate them to enhance certain areas of the image.  Easy to control, fast to animate, even faster to render.  This is by far the most flexible solution for creative vignettes.
  • FW-Skyline Enhancer – Stuck with a boring, dull skyline?  Add a Skyline Enhance and make it pop.
  • Four Film Damage effects – Four modular effects add grain, flicker and scratches to your perfect footage.  Each effect can be added separately, so you only have to spend render time on effects you’re actually using:
  • FW-Fast Grain – Quickly renders some grain out when you can’t afford to wait for the other plug-ins.
  • FW-Scratches – Add customizable scratches to your footage.  People will swear that it looks like you’ve never had your projector serviced.
  • FW-Film Flicker –  Control the strength and amount of flicker to create a subtle or highly stylized look.
  • FW-Filmy Grain – A more advanced grain filter.  Faster than AE’s own Add Grain and more realistic that a simple Add Noise.

The price of similar plug-ins that create these extra effects stretches into hundreds of dollars.  And you get them free with Film Wash for After Effects Vol.4.  Aren’t we nice.

Finally, you also get 60 minutes of video training, showing you how to use the filters and some other cool color correction tips.