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What Training Do I Need?

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Here are our recommendations for people wanting to learn BorisFX Mocha:

1 Quick Introduction for Beginners : Getting Started with Mocha Pro 
(Length 4.5 hours)
A great quickstart course for people coming to Mocha and MochaAE CC. It covers the basics and primary modules in the shortest time possible.

2Perfect for the After Effects User : More Than The Essentials : Mocha in Adobe After Effects
(Length 6.8 hours)
Designed for beginners and the less experienced Mocha user. This course is perfect to get started with perfect tracks, great stabilization and fast rotoscoping. Learn cool After Effects techniques as well as Mocha.

3I know the Basics and Want to Go Deeper : Master Mocha Vol. 2
(Length 7.1 hours)
If you have some experience but aren’t a Mocha Master, this is the course for you. The challenges are harder and we focus on what to do when things don’t work as expected. Lots of paint and clean-up work, as well as screen and graphic inserts.

4I want to Become the Master Master Mocha Vol. 1
(Length 7 hours)
Project-focused training for confident Mocha users. Problem-solving is more important than button pushing. Mocha Pro is needed for most of this course.

Mocha Training Tutorial Matrix 2019

Here is our overview for people wanting to learn Silhouette:

1 I’ve never used Silhouette or I haven’t used it in a couple of years : Mastering Silhouette Complete – Rotoscoping, Paint, Morph & Beyond 
(Length 12.5 hours)
This is the training for SilhouetteFX that you need. It takes you through the basics of the new nodal interface. Then goes deeper into the essential nodes you need to know. Projects are practical and will help to diagnose potential problems before starting a shot.

2 I’m confident in Silhouette and just want to learn the new stuff Mastering Silhouette V7 – More Tracking, More Roto, More Paint  
(Length 5 hours)
Just the new stuff for Silhouette V7. Lots of motion tracking, pin warping, paint and compositing. Real-world projects with a lot of challenges and solutions.

Silhouette training tutorial matrix 2019

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