Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color Vol. 3

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Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color – Volume 3

Film-Wash-Color-V3-box-001If you use Apple Color then you know how important color correction and color grading is.  We like to think of it as the final loving kiss for your projects.  It has the ability to transform your project, and create emotions and connections to your audience.  Film Wash Color Effects is a set of Apple Color Colorfx presets designed with one purpose – to take your footage from the ordinary to the unique.  We’re not talking about regular, simple color correction presets  – Film Wash works in specific ways to give the video a deep, textured rinse.

Use, Inspire & Teach – Fits in with your Grading Pipeline

All the Film Wash looks are ready to use, straight out of the box.  We know that not all footage reacts in the same way to a color grade, so everything is still fully customisable.

Stuck for ideas?  Click round the Film Wash effects to get a bit of inspiration, then customise to your media.  If you want, you can also use them to check out just how wrong the people are who don’t understand the power of the ColorFX room.

Film Wash Color Effects uses only the ColorFX room.  This is important. It sits perfectly within your regular color correction pipeline and won’t affect the rest of your grade.  You can easily dial the strength of the effect down, add vignettes and film grain and the included video tutorial will guide you through the most effective ways to do that.


Create a total look – Start where you want

Film Wash works great to create a consistent look across your project.  All you have to do is get your primary balance right.  When you do it is up to you.  Start with a Film Wash to get you going, then tweak clips as you need to.  Alternatively, use the effects to add a final sheen to your footage.

The video tutorial shows you some examples of different workflows.  The nature of Apple Color means it’s quick and easy to adjust specific areas if the Wash doesn’t work with a single click.  All the Film Wash grades have been used across various projects – clients are amazed at how quickly their footage stops looking like video and takes on a different mood and character.  Simply making small changes to the Preset Look can create huge differences to the visual perception.  Whether you work in SD or HD you can always use a good Film Wash.


What Do You Get?

Film-Wash-Color-V3-box-003Film Wash Color Effects for Apple Color Vol. 3 consists of 43 customizable Animation Presets.  These are placed into seven categories based on the main color tone for easy searching.  There is also a section devoted to creating eye-popping monochrome pictures – taking you beyond regular black & white.

In addition to this you get:

  • 20 minutes of video training – showing you how to use the filters and some other cool color correction tips.
  • Email Support – if you need a hand getting it all going